Ethereum Holder Verification

15 Sep 2022

Join the SYLTARE Discord

- Discord link attached

1. Click on the Let’s go button on the #collabland-join channel 

a. Click on the Let’s go button on the #collabland-join channel

b. Click on the Let’s Go button to initiate the Collab.Land verification.

2. Check your direct message from Collab.Land.

a. Check your Discord user ID if it’s correct.

3. If you click on the[Connect Wallet] button , the bot will direct you to a wallet selection page.

a. Click on the Connect Wallet button that appears

b. Once you click on the Connect Wallet button, a browser will open up.

4. Connect MetaMask wallet in the browser.

a. Select MetaMask

b. Click on the Sign Message button.

c. Click the arrow in the lower right corner

5. Select Sign! Wallet connection completed! - SYLTARE holder role has been granted.

- In the #collabland-join channel you will see the roles are granted.

- If you click on your discord ID(name), you can see that the SYLTARE Holder role has been successfully granted.