Get SYL tokens through ‘UNISWAP’

15 Sep 2022

💰 How to hold SYL Token

You need SYL token to participate game after [free to play]

1. How to swap SYL token with ‘UNISWAP’

a. Visit UNISWAP website(

b. Press [connect wallet] in the upper right side.

c. Choose MetaMask to connect wallet.

d. Click [Select a token]

e. Paste [SYL Token Contract address] in the field.

- SYL Token Contract address : 0x92925acf2771bc59143228499f9610fe5176eb9c

f. As soon as you paste SYL Token address, SYLToken [import] button appears. Click it.

g. Finally, SYLToken is selected to swap.

h. Enter the amount of coin you want to swap into SYLToken in the field.

Enter the amount you want to swap and it will be automatically calculated.

    A. Select the coin you want to swap into SYLToken

    B. Type the amount of coin to swap

- [Swap] button will be activated and sign it.

- Since it was not possible to mention a specific name of coin, the part of the coin name(which is A) on the screenshot was blurred.

    - You can swap various coin in many other cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

    - Consider the gas fee of the coin when you swap it and type the amount with the consideration.

2. Check SYLToken in your MetaMask wallet.

a. Open the Metamask browser extension and press [Import tokens]

b. click [custom token] and paste SYLToken contract address in ‘token contract address’

c. When you paste SYLToken contract address,  ‘Token Symbol’ and ‘Token Decimal’ appear automatically, then click [Add Custom Token]

d. Press [Import Tokens]

e. Congratulations! You have successfully added SYLTokens to your MetaMask wallet.