15 Sep 2022

๐Ÿƒž 3 tips for you who are attracted to the SYLTARE universe.

Tip. 1 Card grade 

Tip. 2 Card attributes

Tip. 3 Leader skill

If you have completed creating a wallet and buying SYL tokens through ‘UNISWAP’

check the tips you need to fully enjoy the game

Tip. 1 Card grade

- There are 4 different rarity types. The higher rarity it gets, the higher HP and ATK

it gets to win the battle.  However, even within the same rarity, there are some differences.

Tip. 2 Card attributes

- It doesn’t mean that you win only with the higher grade SYL card.

You can use the element compatibility to reverse the results.

- The arrows indicate which elements strong against which element.

โ—๏ธEther doesn’t appear in SIT & GO mode

Tip. 3 Card Skill

- Counterattack opponents using card-specific leader skills!

The tides of war can change dramatically depending on which leader skill is used.


- When Round 1 and Round 2 cards hold an elemental advantage, their attack, HP, and critical rate are increased by +5%


- Your card in Round 5 will receive a +5 attack and +10 HP bonus.


All your cards will have a 10% chance of dealing a critical hit if your opponent holds an elemental advantage.


- All your cards will block the opponent's attack once if your HP drops below 10.

Now gain victory with your own strategy!