15 Sep 2022
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This is the SYLTARE management team.

On September 7th (Wed), 13:00 AMA will be held with 'KACHING', an NFT marketplace under the big tech company in Indonesia.

AMA will be held on YouTube live, and we will also give generous prizes to those who participate, so please pay a lot of attention and participate.

If you have any questions about SYLTARE and KACHING, get VIP membership NFT whitelist ticket ready to be issued in kaching and SYLTARE NFT!

*VIP membership whitelist and SYLTARE NFT will be selected on LIVE.

*VIP Membership NFT Whitelist is limited to SYLTARE NFT holders.

AMA participation link will be delivered through an additional notice on the day.

For more information, please visit the YouTube channel below.


Please show a lot of interest and participation.

Thank you.