[NOTICE]Upcoming Update on September 8th Notice

15 Sep 2022
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This is the SYLTARE management team.

We are informing you of the update scheduled for September 8th as follows.

1. Sit & Go lobby chat will be added.

1). You can also chat in the lobby, and even if you go to another page, the chat will remain.

(1). Chat content that has been over 24 hours is not available.

2). Nicknames are displayed the same as Sit&Go division color values.

2.The Sit&Go mode configuration will change.

1) 2 people mode adds (10% fee), and 4 person mode closes.

(1)1KP, 10KP, and 50KP for 2 people will be added.

(2)Close 1KP, 10KP, 50KP for 4 people.

(3)10KP for 8 people will be maintained.

3. In the case of SYL CLAIM, 10% of the requested amount is incurred as a fee, which is charged by SYL.

1).If you do not have the SYL of the charged amount at the time of claim, you cannot click the claim button.

2).You can check the claim request before the update separately, and there is no fee.

4. Sit&Go Tier System winning and losing points will be changed to double.

1). The defeat score will be changed to -40.

2). The winning score by tier will be doubled as below.

*Please refer to the table below for details.

5. The use of the reference code will be available again.

6. You can play the Elemental Battle again.

1). The total cumulative amount of Big Bang until today is 1,167.31KP.

2). As in the previous notice, 1% of the participation fee for the Elemental Battle will be accumulated with Big Bang funds during the period from September 1 (Thu) to September 14 (Wed) 14:59.

3)As in the previous announcement, the final cumulative total amount will be 10:00 on September 15 (Thu), and one of the main characters of Big Bang will be publicly selected through YOUTUBE LIVE.

2 people mode that many users wished for will be reopened.

The SYLTARE team will continue to work hard to listen to the users' voices.

Please show your support and interest in the update on September 8th.

Thank you.