[EVENT]Global Launching Gleam Event Winner Announcement

15 Sep 2022
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This is the SYLTARE management team.

Thanks to your support, the Gleam event to celebrate the opening of the global launch has ended successfully!

Congratulations to winners of the Gleam event and check the winners and the link below for more information.

1st place 2500USDC: Franklin su

2nd place 1500USDC: Hyuksoo Kim

3rd place 800USDC: Vitalik Buterin


Winners will be paid directly to the wallet address of the owner.

*According to Google bot search logic, it is not paid to suspected bot users.

*We will use the collected quantity to proceed with the later event in the Discord.

*If you have any questions, please contact to Discord SYLTARE_WEED.

Congratulations once again, and we hope you will pay a lot of attention and participate in the upcoming events.

Thank you.