[NOTICE]SYLTARE Update Maintenance Completion Notice

26 Sep 2022
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Hello, this is the SYLTARE management team.

The update maintenance has been completed on Thursday, September 22nd.

You can access to the SYLTARE from now on, so please participate a lot.

We will inform you of the contents according to the update maintenance completion.

■ Add a reroll item, "Dokkebi's Dice"

- On the 'Select Leader Skills' screen, you can change all your cards using the Dokkebi's dice.


  - Sit & GO : 15% KP of participation fee

  - Normal mode: 0.15 kp

- We modified the logic of selecting the leader skill due to the addition of the Dokkebi's dice.

  - Changed the preparation time for selecting the leader skill from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.

  - Available to see each other's cards until you're ready, and you can use the Dokkebi's dice item without       restriction by consuming KP.

  ※ My Card does not change when you use it in Normal mode.

  - After selecting the leader card, press the Complete button to finish the preparation.

  ※ If the leader card is not selected, it will be automatically selected the same as before when the timeout occurs.

■ SIT & GO

- Added 1KP mode for 8 player's mode.

- 10KP mode for 8 player mode is excluded.

■ Elemental Battle

- When you win the Big Bang event, you can see the in-game information and effects.

- We changed to the scroll method so that you can freely set the betting amount.

   -Basic betting: 1KP

   -Minimum betting: 0.1 KP

   -Maximum betting: 50KP

■ Leadership skill Balance

- Counter: In all rounds, the critical probability increased from 10% to 15% if your attributes are weaker than the card attributes opponent was dealing with.

- Genius: If the cards competing in the first and second rounds have an attribute advantage, we have changed from ATK +5%, HP +5%, critical probability +5%, to ATK +10%, HP +10%, and critical probability +5%.

■ Nickname Change Discount Event

- A 50% discount event will be held for a week from September 22nd (Thu) to September 29th (Thu).


  - 50KP > 25KP (50% discount)

■ UI and Convenience Improvement

- (Mobile) Improved menu UI.

- The PROFILE menu has been improved so that match history can be checked in detail.

Thank you.