[NOTICE]SYLTARE Update Maintenance Complete Notice

26 Sep 2022
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๐Ÿ“ฃ SYLTARE Update Maintenance Complete Notice ๐Ÿ“ฃ 

Hello, this is the SYLTARE operation team.

The update maintenance has been completed on Thursday, September 15th.

You can access to SYLTARE from now on, so please use it a lot.

We will inform you of the patch contents according to the completion of the update check.

โ–  Elemental Battle Compensation Change

- The compensation structure of the elemental battle has been changed.

(Before Change)

- If you select an element advantage card over the first card, you will earn 3.8 times the reward.

(After the change)

- If you draw an element advantage card over the first card, you earn twice as much reward.

- If you draw non-relevant property card than the first card, you get 1x reward.

- If you draw an element inferior card than the first card or an Ether property card rather than a Legendary card, you cannot earn a reward.

โ–  Add Big Bang event in Elemental battle

- Now 1% of the participation fee  will be set aside for the Big Bang prize, which can be checked in real time.

- If you select a Legendary Ether card, you will win all the Big Bang prize money.

โ€ป Legendary Ether cards do not appear in 0.1KP and 1KP.

โ€ป If the accumulated Big Bang prize money is less than 100KP, Legendary Ether will not appear.

โ€ป If you participate with the higher KP in the elemental battle, the higher the probability of the Legendary Ether card appearing.


- A 10% fee of the requested amount will be charged for SYL CLAIM as we informed you before.

- If you do not have the claimed amount of SYL at the time of CLAIM, the CLAIM button will be disabled.

โ€ป There is no fee for the existing reviewed SYL.

- The SYL CLAIM screen has been improved so that you can check the SYL you currently have.

โ–  UI and convenience improvement

- (Mobile) Elements table have been positioned so that you can intuitively view them.

- Resized to make the card elements visible on the game screen.

- It has been improved so that you can check your record immediately on the Normal mode main screen.

- In the case of Normal mode UNRANKED, it has been improved to check the number of trial tests.

Thank you.