15 Sep 2022
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This is the SYLTARE management team.

Here is the AMA summary with Kaching on Sep 7th as below.

Date: Sep 7th,2022 1 PM (UTC)

Cast: Leo Shim (SYLTARE/COO), YouHyun Kim (SYLTARE/Co-founder, CSO), Dody Kumiadi (KACHING/Business Lead), Ki Ageng Satria Pamungkas (KACHING/Engineer, NFT Trader)

Video Link: https://youtu.be/biJIjHROO8o

[SYLTARE’s Global Launching Accomplishment]

DAU 817% Increase (as of ~Aug 24th, 2022)

NRU AVG 560% Increase (as of ~Aug 24th, 2022)

Avg number of plays per person is 420% (Aug 3rd~24th,2022)


 -Kaching is a specialized marketplace for NFTs on Web3 games backed by Bukalapak.

 -~20 web3 games project listed

 -~30 gaming NFT collections available

 -200k+ NFTs available to be traded

 -0% marketplace fee for VIP Membership NFT holders (minting time: Oct 2022/420cards Limited)

 -Lower fees compared to other marketplaces

[SYLTARE X KACHING’s Expected Business Plans]

 -E-Sports Tournaments

 -KACHING Collaboration NFT Skin

 -Indonesia's local hero NFT

 -Collaboration Goods

 -Use SYL token in KACHING as a currency.


Q1: P2E has always experienced token inflation. What's the plan?

SYLTARE: Token inflation is closely linked with macroeconomics, but we’re not trying to leverage it. While most of the P2E games have deflationary models and strive to defend against inflation, we learned after a few times of CBTs and launching new mini-games, the most important thing is the game itself. Make people enjoy the game at the same time lots of SYL tokens will be burned together. We are always listening to the community and holder’s opinion and we will strive to stabilize the SYL token without leveraging macroeconomics. It would be helpful if you refer to our tokenomics in the white paper

Q2: What is your forecast for the NFT market and why do you think SYLTARE has a competitive edge over NFT?

SYLTARE: Web3 is a new sector and has experienced Crypto Winter. So did Defi. I think the second wave of P2E will come soon. The first wave started with Axie, and there were various games afterwards, but new projects, including us, learned a lot from our predecessors. To sum up, the second big wave will come soon, with as many people as expected. Stability is the key to the second wave, and we will try to establish it in SYLTARE based on the explanation from the previous answer.

KACHING: If we didn't have confidence in the NFT market, we wouldn't do the NFT marketplace. I think P2E is just beginning. I went to the P2E Expo in Bangkok 2-3 weeks ago, and I see huge possibilities for Web3 games. There were various types of games, and most of them were still under development. KACHING's position is here. Game developers devote wasting resources to the marketplace, which is bound to disrupt the game itself development. We provide marketplaces and various infra platforms and solutions to focus solely on game development. Many games are targeting launching it at the beginning of next year. Accordingly, we expect the next P2E wave to be around that time and are preparing for it.

Q3: Is there any other global partnership that you're communicating with?

SYLTARE: Global partnerships are critical to entering other countries. As many of you know, partnerships are very common in Web3, but proper partnerships that we have built over a long period of time may be different. Partnerships are currently underway in Indonesia with KACHING, Philippines, Vietnam, and Brazil in at those least 4 countries.

KACHING: Our partnerships are mainly distributed globally rather than in Indonesia. For instance, Singapore, Australia like Jiraverse and NFT11 and Korea with SYLTARE. NFT and Web3 can't be limited by countries. Also, as we already have Indonesian markets, we are primarily focusing on global partnerships.

Please, stay tuned and participate in our future AMA as well.

The SYLTARE team will do our best to create a sound partnership culture.

Thank you.