[UPDATE]SYLTARE 1st Massive update - Announcement regarding First encounter

2 Sep 2022
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This is the SYLTARE management team.

September 1st (Thur) 1st Massive update - First Encounter update as follows.

1. Sit&Go Tier System adds

-Rating is obtained by win or lose, as in normal mode, and tier and rating are displayed according to PT.

-Nickname and grade will be displayed in the in-game according to your grade as Key-Color.

2. New Game - 'Elemental Battle' opens

- A new attribute battle will be opened to find the advantage attribute card of the open card by betting a certain amount.

3. Two Normal mode items added

-Two additional items will be added to add fun in Normal mode.

-Stat buffs can increase card HP and ATK, and Point boosts can double victory rewards.

4. Sit&Go mode configuration change

- For smoother matching and community enhancement, Sit&Go mode configuration will be changed as follows.

: 4 people mode will be added/ 2 people, 16 people mode will be closed/ 1KP, 50KP out of 8 people mode)

5. UI Improvement

-The icons in SIT&GO and Normal mode will be changed to trophies and cards respectively.

-Game start screen in Normal mode will be changed to SIT&GO.

6. Other changes

-When converting SYL -> KP, an additional bonus of 10% will be paid.

-When converting -RP -> KP, 5% of the bonus paid will be deleted.

-Normal mode KP compensation will be reduced by 50%.

-In Normal mode, the logic of if there is no movement over time, the card is automatically selected is included.

-Normal mode staking rewards are automated and settled the same as play payments.

# The compensation paid on September 1st is compensation for play on August 31st, so it will be settled with the same rules as August.

# September 1st is the placement test period, so play on September 2nd will not be compensated.

# You will receive the changed compensation from September 3rd.

A cataclysmic wind on the SYLTARE!

Please show a lot of support and interest.

Thank you.