[EVENT]SYLTARE Sit & Go Renewal Event

17 Nov 2022
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To welcome the renewed Sit & Go, we prepared several interesting events!

Your support and participation would be greatly appreciated

■ 1KP payment per staking card Notice

- In line with the renewed Sit & Go, 1KP per staking card paid.

■ Renewed Sit & Go Operation Guide

- Open everyday, from 11:00 to 14:00 (UTC).

- Participation fee: 1 KP, 2 ppl mode available

■ Sit & Go Season Event

For each season that lasts for a month, users with the highest points will receive rewards from the 5.2m USDC pool 

[Event period]

First week of December (before maintenance update)

[Event contents]

- Win Sit & Go to earn a rating and challenge the top ranks!

- We will give you USDC worth 5.2 million won in total to users with the highest rating.

[Event rewards]

- 1st place: 1888.49 USDC

- 2nd place: 755.40 USDC

- 3rd place: 377 USDC

- 4th to 10th:  75.54 USDC

- 11th to 22nd: 37.7 USDC

※ Event rewards will be announced later after payment.

※ The prize money may vary depending on Sit & Go traffic.

※ Rankings can only be checked up to 50th place.

※ If you do 'abusing', you will be excluded from the winner.

■ Beat the SYLTARE team in Sit&Go!

If you certify after winning the SYLTARE team member, you will get SYLTARE card (Goods) through a lottery!

[Event period]

- Third week of December (before maintenance update)

[Event contents]

- Play Sit & Go and win against the account in LIST, SYLTARE team member!

- Take a screenshot after you win and post on the "syltareteam down!" channel according to the form below.

[Wallet Address] 

[Screen shot]


(These are Korean nicknames with SYLTARE logo on a white background.)

- 이두희

- 홍진호

- 김유현

- 누히트

- 레오

- 에디

- 원

※ Each team member will receive 50SYL payments from the Marketing Pool, and play the game. All acquired RP will be used to burn after swapping with SYL.

[Event rewards]

- SYLTARE Card Goods (30 people)

- Winners wil be announced in December

※ You can post and participate more than once. The more you participate, the more chances you will have of winning the lottery!

※ All of the captured scene uploaded on the channel will be checked with the play record and will be deported without warning if cheating is detected.