[EVENT]Starcraft League with Hong Jinho ! [SYLJINROK- Counterattack] Event Information

10 Nov 2022
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Greetings from the SYLTARE team.

[SYLJINROK- Counterattack] event will be held, which only the SLTARE holder can participate.

[Discord official server: https://discord.gg/syltare]

Please check the details below.

■ SYLJINROK - Counterattack Tournament Guide

[Notice of application]

- Application period: from November 10, 2022 (Thu) to November 18, 2022 (Fri)

- Conditions for participation: Holder with at least one SYLTARE NFT

- How to apply for participation: Complete Google Form through the link below

> https://forms.gle/vPFu4aM8ZHY616mH9

- Number of participants: 14 winners and preliminary winners will be selected through a lottery

- Participant announcement: November 25, 2022 (Fri)

※ Winners will receive a text message to the phone number they wrote on Google Form.

※ Holders who newly purchase within the participation period can also participate.

[The schedule of the tournament]

- Game schedule: November 30th (Wed) 10:00 Streaming

- Details:

1) 1SET/2SET: An individual match will be held with Hong Jinho in the 8 people fastest infinite map

2) 2:2 team play with the 1st place in each set and the SYLTARE team (Hong Jinho + SYLTARE team members)

- Commentator: SYLTARE @Nooheat + ??? (Special Guest: Revealed on the day of broadcast)

※ Detailed rules will be announced on the day of the tournament.

[Prize: USDC and NFT worth 6 million won]

- 1, 2 SET 1st place each: 1 SYLTARE COMMON  NFT + 1 MEDISOCIETY NFT + 111USDC

- 1,2 SET 2nd place each: 1 SYLTARE COMMON NFT  + 1 MEDISOCIETY NFT

- Who win SYLTARE Team: SYLTARE Goods with Hong Jinho's autograph will be provided

- All participants: One MEDISOCIETY NFT will be provided

※ Even if you don't participate in the tournament directly, we will give you a special reward if you only watch the broadcast and participate in the community, so please participate a lot.

※ More information on MEDISOCIETY NFT can be found at the link below.


Thank you.